Specializing in an Artistic Style with Timeless Appeal




There's a creative fire within me that begs for the unexpected, yet embodies the great responsibility of stopping time for you in a soulful space.  I encourage everything unique and out of the box that mirrors your true self back to you in beauty, grace and love.

Together with an ongoing love of education, the heart of an artist, and "trust me, I have a vision for that!", delivers an amazing client experience that is never boring, always bold and forever treasured. 

We are the timekeepers and the gateway to all our yesterdays, for our golden years and for those yet to be born.  It’s our photographs that are the love letters to our soul, and I'm so honored to help you tell your story with style and authenticity.  

I invite you to a personal session with me to begin our creative journey together, celebrating your originality.



St. Marys, West Virginia

Studio and On-Location Portrait Service

(304) 684-3281